Center for Art & Media Faculty


Matt McConville

Assistant Director

Daniel Marcus

Studio Art major and minor program contact: Matt McConville
Communication and Media Studies major and minor program contact: Daniel Marcus

Full-Time and Half-Time Faculty

Studio Art

Stuart Abarbanel, Professor: Painting, Drawing, and Visual Thinking

Laura Burns, Assistant Professor: Photography, Contemporary Art, and Curatorial Practices

Iman Djouini, Assistant Professor: Printmaking and Visual Thinking

Rick Delaney, Assistant Professor: Digital Media and Printmaking

Allyn Massey, Associate Professor: Sculpture and 3-D Thinking

Matthew McConville, Associate Professor: Painting

Cornel Rubino, Assistant Professor: Painting and Drawing

Pam Thompson, Assistant Professor: Drawing and Visual Thinking


Communication and Media Studies

Graham Eng-Wilmot, Visiting Assistant Professor: Race and Ethnicity Studies, and Research Methods

Danny Kimball, Assistant Professor: Media Criticism, Media Policy and Regulation, and New Media

Daniel Marcus, Professor: Media History and Criticism, Documentary Film, and Video Production and Screenwriting

Darcey Morris, Visiting Assistant Professor: Media Writing, Media History and Criticism, and Public Relations

Maria San Filippo, Assistant Professor: Film and Television Studies, Gender and Sexuality in Media, Feminist and Queer Theory

David Zurawik, Assistant Professor: Journalism, Media Criticism, and New Media


Affiliate Faculty

April Oettinger, Allison Lohr, Becky Free