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Survey Research Request

If you would like to administer a survey to gather information in support of Goucher College’s educational mission or organizational goals, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness can provide assistance. We offer the following resources to aid you in evaluating your survey needs:

Recurring Surveys

Goucher College administers various surveys throughout the academic year.  The following list shows surveys by date:

Survey Name



Administration Schedule

Gallup Strada Student Survey



All Undergraduate Students

February 4 – March 16

Goucher Gallup Employee Engagement Survey


Full-time Faculty and Staff

March 4 – April 12

Interfaith Diversity Experiences & Attitudes Longitudinal Survey


Juniors and Seniors

March 25 – April 19

Graduating Senior Survey

May and August graduating Seniors

April 22 – May 24 (Commencement)

2019 Winter Student Athlete Evaluation Survey


Winter Student Athletes

January 28 – February 8

Academic Writing Assessment Survey


WRT 181 or 181 Course Takers

May 1

HCRC Admitted Student Survey



Fall 2019 Admitted First-Year Students

April – May

New-Student Onboarding Surveys



Fall 2019 Incoming First-Year Students

May – June


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness administers Qualtrics, an online survey software tool licensed by the College for use by the faculty, staff, and students.  Qualtrics is the official tool for all survey creation and distribution at Goucher College. Using Qualtrics, users can create and distribute online surveys to gather information in support of the College’s educational mission and organizational goals. If you would like to administer an online survey, please complete the survey request form.