Laptop Borrowing

Is your laptop in the shop? There is a self-service locker with 24 laptops located in the Athenaeum 3rd floor living room area - across from the entrance to the library. Faculty, staff, and students must use their active Goucher ID card to borrow a laptop. 

Laptop Configurations and Software: These laptops are configured with the same software available in the Information Commons and do not require a login. 

Encountered a problem with a laptop from the locker? Check out the Laptop Locker Frequently Asked Questions page.

Laptop Locker Terms and Conditions:

Please note that these borrowing policies apply to all faculty, staff, and students. By borrowing a laptop, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the following terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. If you don't agree with (or cannot comply with) the terms and conditions, then you may not borrow a laptop from the locker.


All users borrowing a laptop must agree to the college's Computer Use Policy and do the following:

  • Must use their own OneCard
  • Can only check out one laptop at a time
  • Cannot borrow a laptop for someone else (including faculty and staff)
  • Borrow for individual use only and not for a group event

Borrowers who have been determined to check out laptops for a different user will lose access to the kiosk. Laptop availability cannot be guaranteed at any time.

File Storage

No personal data can be stored on college-owned laptops. Laptops are automatically erased and recharged every time they are shutdown and restarted. No data can be recovered from the laptops once they have been erased. We highly recommend that you save your files to Darwin or an online storage site.

Schedule of Fees/Penalties for Late Return

The period of a single laptop checkout is six (6) hours. If a borrower wishes to use a laptop for longer than six hours, they must return the laptop they have checked out and check out another one if available. For each hour past the six hour limit a laptop is kept, the borrower will be charged a $20 hourly fee, rounded up to the nearest hour, to a maximum of $200 for hourly fees. The following additional fees and actions will apply to users who keep laptops for longer than 24 hours:

Laptop kept for 24 hours: $100 additional fine, for a total of $300.

Laptop kept for 48 hours: $100 additional fine, plus the $100 24-hour fine, for a total of $400.

Laptop kept for 72 hours: Laptop is reported missing to Campus Safety. Borrower will be charged for replacement of laptop (up to $1600) if it is not recovered, plus the $400 in accrued fines, for a total of up to $2000.

If a user does not plug in the laptop completely upon return, until the power adapter clicks and the light turns on, that user will be charged a flat $50 fee since the locker will not recognize that the laptop was returned. This flat fee will be added on to any accrued fines depending on how long the laptop has been out starting at 24 hours.

Additionally, borrowers keeping a laptop for 72 hours or more will no longer be permitted to check one out for the remainder of the semester.

Loss, Theft, and Damage

If a laptop cannot be returned within 72 hours, for any reason, Campus Safety will be notified. If the laptop is unable to be recovered, the borrower will be charged up to $1600 for the replacement of the laptop in addition to any accrued late fines.

If a laptop is damaged during the course of the checkout period, the user will be charged for the cost of repair up to $800. If the laptop cannot be repaired, the user will be charged up to $1600 for the replacement of the laptop.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

Loss of borrowing privileges during the current semester can a occur for the following reasons:

  • If fines of $400 or more are accrued in a single semester
  • If a laptop is borrowed for longer than 72 hours in a single checkout
  • If a laptop is not recoverable by Campus Safety, the borrower loses privileges indefinitely
  • If a laptop is damaged beyond repair, the borrower loses privileges indefinitely