Cable Television

Cable Television is provided to residential students through the following methods:


XFINITY Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a service that delivers streaming TV in high-quality directly to student devices via wireless or Ethernet cable without the need for a traditional coax cable connection. Connect to Xfinity On Campus through a web browser, or download the Xfinity STREAM app to your mobile device.


  • You will need to use this method if your room does not have an active coax connection in the wall or the connection has been permanently disabled.  


Cable Television services (coax cable) are provided in some common areas and a few remaining residence halls.  Most students prefer using Method 1 (Xfinity IPTV) because of the ease of use and the excellent picture quality. 


How do I use XFINITY On Campus IPTV?

Common methods:

  1. Students provide their own cable ready televisions and coax cable (if available in room) for a connection to their TV.
  2. Students connect to Xfinity via a laptop/desktop and plug an HDMI cable/etc. into back of their TV.
  3. Students use the Xfinity STREAM app on their their mobile device, Smart TV, or other smart device.

Tips: You can purchase a coax cable at any major electronics retailer or at the Goucher College Bookstore. Students can receive upgraded programming like HBO and other options through XFINITY TV mobile/online application/website. Also remember, not all rooms have a coax connection, and IPTV viewing through Xfinity On Campus with a browser or Xfinity STREAM on a mobile device will be the only option.

When connecting Smart TVs or other devices, use the GoucherMultimedia Wireless Network to get the best streaming performance for programming such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.  

Questions or problems with Cable Television Services should be reported to the Help Desk.