April 1, 2019

Presidential Search Update

This is a brief update to communicate to the Goucher campus community that the presidential search committee is hard at work and our search process is going well.

As a reminder, the position profile was posted on February 26th, and it can be found on the presidential website here and also on the Isaacson, Miller website here.

Our search consultants have been actively reaching out to a diverse cadre of potential candidates, and the networking and outreach efforts have been supplemented with advertising in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, and Women in Higher Education.

We wish to thank those of you who have provided recommendations, and if there are any other candidate suggestions, please reach out to Isaacson, Miller.

The Committee is extremely pleased by the results of the search thus far.  There is an excellent pool of candidates, which continues to be developed, and which reflects on Goucher’s excellent reputation and the attractiveness of the presidential position and role.

The search for our next president of Goucher is right on track, and we look forward to continuing the process.  We are now moving into the most time-intensive and confidential phase of the search, as we identify potential candidates and begin a series of in-depth interviews. Presidential searches require a high level of confidentiality so that the best candidates will come forward with a willingness to engage in conversation.  As a result, the committee will not have a great deal of information to communicate publicly between now and the announcement of a new president. The committee members will have much work to do behind the scenes during the next few months.  We hope you will continue to support them, as colleagues and friends, in their efforts on Goucher’s behalf.

Thank you again to all of you who have participated in this search to date, and an additional thank you to the presidential search committee members who have dedicated so much time and thought to our recruitment process.

Miriam Katowitz ’73
Lisa Stromberg ’83

Presidential Search Committee Co-chairs