Resources for Faculty & Staff

As faculty and staff at Goucher, you play a critical role in the experience students have here at Goucher. Sometimes, this role includes noticing or learning about something a student is going through that is worrisome. As this page develops, it will be a place to find resources and materials to help you support those students and get them connected to people and offices on campus that can help.

In the meantime, know that you can contact to refer a student directly to us, or to talk through a situation in which you are unsure how to proceed.

Guide to Referring/Reporting Concerning Incidents

When you have a concern about a student, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out the next step. Below are two charts that can help you navigate which offices or people to either REPORT a concern to (inform a colleague) or REFER a student to (provide the student with information about the office or person). If you have any questions about this at all, you are welcome to email and we would be happy to talk through next steps with you.

Guide to Reporting Concerns*

Please keep in mind that the Office of Public Safety is open 24/7, and for many of these concerns (bias incident, emotional wellness or safety concerns, etc.), you should call Public Safety if an immediate response is needed and/or if you learn of the concern after hours.

Concern Type Action Contact Information
Socio-emotional wellness (including potential concerns of self-harm and suicide ideation) Case Management
Raise the “Behavioral Concern” or “Wellness Concern” flag in Starfish
Academic concern and/or classroom behavior Office of Undergraduate Studies
Van Meter G24
Make a referral in Starfish: “Contact Office of Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies”
Title IX (sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking) Title IX coordinator
Immediate safety concern or emergency, medical or otherwise, threat to self or others Public Safety 410-337-6111
Heubeck Hall
Bias incident Bias Education and Response Team (BERT) Bias Incident Reporting Form
Concerning, disruptive, worrisome, or potential threats to the safety and well-being of the campus community or any member of it that do not require an immediate response Threat Asessment Team Faculty or Staff threat reporting form

*Ideally, any time a community member reports an incident or a student of concern to one of these resources, a conversation between the reporting party and the student of concern is taking place in advance. This is not always possible, but it does usually foster the most effective outreach plan and is therefore a strong preference.

Guide to Referring Students

You can also refer students to ACE, the Writing Center, and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies through Starfish.

Concern Type Referral Contact Information
Emotional support Counseling Center* 410-337-6481
Heubeck Hall
Residential Office of Residential Life 410-337-6424
Heubeck Hall
Financial Office of Financial Aid
Bursar's Office
Dorsey 104
Financial Aid: 410-337-6141
Billing: 410-337-6022
Medical Health Center* 410-337-6050
Heubeck Hall
Academic support Academic Center for Excellence 410-337-6529
Julia Rogers 2nd floor
Disabilities and accommodations Arnelle Hanley 410-337-6146
Request for Accommodations Form
Grief, spiritual needs, and other emotional support needs Cynthia Terry*
Navigating campus resources and/or challenges adjusting to college Case Management
Socio-emotional wellness concerns specifically around issues of identity and equity, including race, gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, immigration status, ability, and SES The Center for Race, Equity and Identity (CREI)

*Counselors, clergy and the Health Center medical providers are confidential resources for students.