Case Management & Student Support

Many if not all students experience times in their college careers when they could use some additional support. The Case Management team at Goucher is here to help students find the support they need during those times.

About Us

The primary focus of Goucher’s case management is to support students. We work directly with students as they deal with circumstances impacting their experience in college. We connect them to resources and provide ongoing support while fostering self-advocacy. These circumstances may include emotional, academic, residential, social, financial, medical, mental health, and many other issues we know can impact a student’s ability to be both academically and personally successful. Our approach is to work collaboratively with each student to identify challenges and needs, to problem solve, to create an individualized support plan, and to follow up regarding progress and wellbeing.

The main principles of our approach are:

  • Privacy – Case managers are not confidential resources on campus, however privacy is a fundamental component of our work. We will share information with other campus administrators and family members on strictly a need to know basis, with student safety and support at the forefront of that decision.
  • Compassion – We are here to ensure that students receive the support they need, which we know requires compassion and respect. We care deeply about Goucher students, and our case management approach prioritizes trust and relationship building.
  • Collaboration – We work collaboratively with students of concern to identify issues, problem solve, and build support plans. We actively engage students in that process and encourage self-awareness and self-advocacy throughout.
  • Sustainability – Our first conversations are often related to helping students work through immediate challenges. Once we have addressed any urgent needs or issues, we develop plans with the student to identify future goals and encourage their long-term success.
  • Fostering self-advocacy and resilience – In line with the College’s overall mission, students who interact with our office are encouraged to advocate for themselves whenever possible.

Are you concerned about a student?

Are you concerned about a student? If you or someone you know might benefit from working with a case manager, please email

Case management learning outcomes:

  • Faculty, staff, students and families will increase both their knowledge and comfort in order to appropriately refer when they are concerned about a student’s wellbeing and/or behavior.
  • Students will increase their knowledge of the campus resources available to them.
  • Students will continue to increase their ability to reach out for help and support, and to self-advocate.

When to Contact or Refer to Case Management

Here are some indicators that it might be a good time to connect the student you know to case management:

The student discloses, you observe, or someone else informs you about:

  • Challenges adjusting to college or to Goucher
  • The loss of a friend or family member
  • Struggles with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues
  • Thoughts or current struggles with self-harm
  • Thoughts of suicide ideation or of wanting to die
  • A recent experience in the hospital
  • A recent or present illness or injury, whether chronic or acute
  • Struggles with substance abuse
  • Family concerns
  • Feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Behavior that is generally abnormal for the student
  • Something that worries you and makes you think the student might benefit from some additional support

Please note that we are NOT counselors, and that it may be appropriate to refer the student to both case management and the Counseling Center. Also know that part of our process will be to work with the student to identify the resources that can best help them, which will often involve a referral to the Counseling Center on campus.

Contact Us

Contact us at to learn more about Case Management at Goucher or to refer a student.