Student Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate, post-bac premedical, and international graduate students are required to have health insurance coverage. Goucher College will automatically charge students for Goucher's health insurance. You may waive this coverage and have the charge removed if you have comparable coverage.

We realize that many of you are covered under your parents' policies or have coverage of your own. However, we advise you to check with your insurance company or HMO before you make the decision to waive the Goucher insurance; some managed care companies will not offer non-emergency coverage outside your plan area. 

This may contribute to a delay, additional stress and costs while attempting to coordinate necessary medical care.

Please read all details and instructions carefully. you must first visit the Student Health Center, unless you are outside the area (greater than 50 miles from campus) and/or the clinic is closed. 

Student Health Insurance Enrollment Information

For student health insurance rates, procedures, or how to waive or enroll, please visit the billing department's webpage.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay when I visit the Student Health Center? 

If you have Goucher College’s Student Health Insurance Plan (through United Health) you do not have any visit or procedure fees at the student health center. Any prescriptions dispensed at the student health center are also covered. The only time you would receive a charge from the student health center is if you miss an appointment without canceling*, or if you purchase an over the counter medication. 

How do I get a copy of my insurance card?

What do I do if the health center isn’t open and I need to see a provider? 

All students who carry the insurance can access a physician 24/7 through HealthiestYou, and online telehealth provider. This service is completely FREE. Have your insurance information ready and visit to have a phone or video consult with a physician at no cost to you. 

Please note, this physician may advise you go to an in-person treatment facility (hospital ER, urgent care) if more information or tests are needed.

How do I file a claim?

Does this Insurance cover counseling or therapy?

Most psychiatrists or therapists that take United Healthcare insurance can also accept United Health Student Resources. This year, United Health Student Resources partnered with BetterHelp, a 24/7 online counseling service. Through, you can access Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors or Clinical Social Workers using this service. This service matches you with a counselor based on your preferences. Every communication you have with your counselor during your policy period is 100% covered. 

What might I pay if I seek care outside the Student Health Center?

For the 2020-2021 policy year, your deductible is $250 in-network. This deductible applies to all care received outside of the Student Health Center (SHC), which includes any lab work or tests that are sent from the SHC to a third party (LabCorp, Advanced Radiology). This means that if you have lab work, radiologic studies, or hospital care, you will need to pay $250 before your plan starts to cover those expenses. After the deductible is met, you typically will just pay your copay or co-insurance rate for the rest of that plan cycle. Preventative care services (physicals, GYN exams, routine screenings and immunizations) are 100% covered when you see an in-network provider. Other services provided by in-network providers are 80% covered by insurance. If you are seeing an out-of-network provider, your insurance will pay 60% of the charges accumulated. Please ask the Student Health Center for a Plan Summary if you would like more details.

Are there any other health care options? 

Certain students may sign up for federal health insurance. To take advantage of the affordable Federal Health Insurance go to for details.

International students: The following is a link to an additional health insurance you may want to consider. This is a third-party insurance company and is not associated to Goucher College.

Who should I contact with questions about the policy, benefits, or claims?

If you have questions about the policy, benefits, or claims feel free to contact Customer Service at 800-505-4160 or

* The missed visit fee for an appointment with a health care provider is $15