GAP: Goucher Adventure Program

Goucher Adventure Program, GAP, is for all gophers on the go! We offer scheduled hiking & backpacking trips, custom trips, and outdoor equipment rental based out of the SRC.

GAPCheck out our trip schedule, request a custom trip, or rent equipment for independent exploration!







Gear Rental 

The Goucher Adventure Program offers equipment rentals for your next adventure.  

Where to Rent

Student Wellness Center

  • Trustees Hall: Room 102
  • Located in the First-Year Village, the closest building to the volleyball court. The Wellness center is on the first floor of the Trustees Building.

How to Rent 

Make Reservations

You may make gear reservations through:

What to Rent

What can you rent for a day, weekend, or week? 


2 Person tent

2 Person Tent 

Cost: $4/day, $6/weekend, $12/week

Temperature ranges: 20°F-40°F


4 Person Tent

 4 Person Tent 

Cost: $8/day, $10/weekend, $14/week

Temperature ranges: 20°F-40°F

6 Person Tent

 6 Person Tent 

Cost: $10/day, $12/weekend, $16/week

Temperature ranges: 20°F-40°F

9 Person tent

9 Person Tent 

Cost: $12/day, $16/weekend, $30/week

Temperature ranges: 20°F-40°F

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag w/pad

Cost: $3/day, $6/weekend, $8/week

Temperature ranges: 25°F-35°F

Back pack


Cost: $3/day, $5/weekend, $8/week


Cooking stove

Cooking Stove

Cost: $2/day, $4/weekend, $6/week



Miscellaneous: Spoons, bowls, pots, pans, etc. 

Cost: $1/day, $2/weekend, $3/week


Gap Trips 

The Goucher Adventure Program offers several trips, take a look for more information! 


Spring 2019

  • Hiking and Happy Places
    • Date: Saturday, March 2nd, 2019
    • Time: Meet at SRC at 9:45 a.m
    • Location: Cromwell Valley Park
    • Cost: $7

Custom Trips for groups of 4-10

Select a Location from the following or suggest your own

  • Harper’s Ferry National Park
    • Located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, in West Virginia. There is a sublime view of the historic civil war town, site of the infamous John Brown raid, from Maryland Heights, the peak of a with a moderately difficult 5 mile hike.

  • Gunpowder Falls State Park
    • One of Maryland’s largest state parks, spanning the counties of Harford and Baltimore, this location offers a variety of topography, from wetlands to rugged slopes.

  • Cromwell State Park
    • Surrounded by lush green vegetation, the park offers a calming environment. It has acres of space for camping and a perfect sightseeing environment in the midst of the forest.

  • Patapsco State Park- Avalon
    • Populated by ancient ruins, this park’s location contains a relic of old houses and a swinging bridge that runs over a railroad track .The hiking is 20 miles long of moderate difficulty. Patapsco State Park- McKeldin
    • Known for its accessible trails, the park is a landmark for various activities, including up to 8 miles of hiking that follow a winding river and pass by a fantastic waterfall overlook.

Select 3 Possible Dates

  • Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays between:
    • January 28th -May 9th, 2019
  • Provide: group size, contact number, desired location, goal of trip (ie explore nature, team building, mind mapping)

Submit Your Trip Suggestion

Please submit your custom trip suggestion/request to


The Off Campus Trip Waiver form (PDF) must be reviewed, signed, and returned to GAP before participating in any GAP sponsored off-campus trip.