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Joining a club is one of the best way to make lifelong friends who share your passions for activity, to learn new skills, and to relieve stress in a competitive or non-competitive arena.

Goucher Club SportsClub Sports are open for everyone!

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Current Clubs


Club Volleyball aims to bring together students from the Goucher community who love the game of volleyball and want to have fun!

Contact: De'asia Ellis


The Crossfit Humble Beginnings Club aims to provide crossfit workouts to students and introduce students to new ways of getting fit and healthy.

Contact: Lea Manzo

Dance Team

Dance Team is a group of dancers that promote school spirit. We perform at half time during various sporting events as well as events on campus and off campus. Dance Team holds auditions once every year (generally in late September). The team is made up of 10 - 20 men and women who choreograph their own routines.
We live by the motto, "I could've been any other animal but I choose to be a GOPHER."

Contact: Megan Hopkins

Dancers of Color Coalition

The Dancers of Color Coalition aims to create a community of support, safety, and leadership for dancers of color. The club hosts weekly meetings and periodic events where the group discusses the aspirations and needs of dancers of color.

Contact: Victoria Awkward

Fencing Club

The Goucher College Fencing Club is a club for those who have had fencing experience in the past and would like to continue to practice, or those who have always had an interest in the sport. We participate in team meets with a number of colleges in the area, and travel to and host tournaments. We field teams in all three fencing weapons: epee, foil, and sabre. No equipment or previous experience is necessary. No equipment or previous experience is necessary.

Contact: Tess Wilson

Garam Gophers

Garam Gophers offers an opportunity for students to explore Bollywood dance. Additionally, the club will showcase Indian culture through clothing, food, movies, and henna.

Contact: Aria Eghbal , Charlotte Khuner

Goucher Climbs

Contact: Elija Brooks


The Goucher Rugby Club fosters friendship and community through the sport of rugby.

Contact: Mitchell Moran-Kaplan


The purpose of the Goucher College Gymnastics Club is to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn and practice gymnastics. Gymnastics Club welcomes students of all levels of interest and skill to come practice and play with us and the skilled staff at Rebounders Gymnastics in Timonium, MD. Professional Rebounders staff coaches all practices to create a safe, no-pressure environment. Gymnastics Club looks to fulfill individual's goals, whether that means learning a skill for dance, building strength and flexibility, staying in shape, learning how to flip, or even conquering a cartwheel. Hope to see you on the flip side!

Contact: Katie Baitinger

Location: Rebounders Gymnastics, Timonium, MD


Hip Hop Dance Team is made up of dancers who excel in the style of Hip Hop. Auditions are held each semester to create a team of high energy, committed dancers to perform at basketball game half-times and various other events on and off campus. The choreography and direction are student organized by collaborating visions from the entire team.

Contacts: Ally Rosen , Moe de La Viez


The Ping Pong Club provides equipment, locations, and time designated to play ping pong. The club provides a safe, welcoming environment for any individual who wishes to play, learn, or watch the game.

Contact: Brian Barger


The Salsa Club offers salsa dance instruction to members of the Goucher community at three levels (beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate/advanced). The club also hosts a salsa social each semester to bring together members of the Salsa Club, members of the Goucher community, and members of the Baltimore salsa community as a whole.

Contact: Madison Parris-Bacon


Taekwondo Club seeks to provide an opportunity for anyone to learn a martial art for self-defense and to learn about the culture and history of Korea that Taekwondo is steeped in.

Contact: Faith Rider


Goucher Ultimate Frisbee aims to facilitate the spread of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee by organizing practices and attending tournaments hosted by colleges along the Atlantic coast.

Contact: Nicholas Judge

Yoga Club

The purpose of the Goucher Yoga Club is to make yoga asanas and meditation accessible to all Goucher students and in doing so, instill a sense of union among breathe, body, mind, and spirit in a welcoming, friendly, and open environment.

Contacts: Rachel Grosso , Gabi Lofand