Goucher’s Vision for Leadership Programs

We believe that all people have leadership potential and that their particular gifts, talents, and skills can be enhanced through education, training, and development. Furthermore, we believe that leadership is a process, not a position; therefore, the broad goal of leadership programs is to promote a culture of engaged and ethical leadership on Goucher's campus. 

As Goucher seeks to increase its diversity among the undergraduate student population, it is imperative that we practice and teach a transformative model of leadership that recognizes a multiplicity of identities and encourages participants to develop relationships that meaningfully engage difference. As well, the need for effective leadership transcends traditional boundaries and contexts. Leadership programs at Goucher will encourage students to identify ways they can practice leadership on campus, in their home communities, in Baltimore City, regionally, and globally.

As we move forward, we will work toward the creation of a multi-year leadership program that uses the best of both the curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that exist on campus.  Students will learn to use tools of reflection and feedback to make meaning of these experiences and to further their understanding of their own leadership practice. Students who have participated in selected leadership programs and who can exhibit their engagement with and understanding of the leadership learning outcomes will be recognized at the culmination of their undergraduate experience.

— Adopted by the Division of Student Life Leadership Advisory Committee,
March 2007