Petitioning Club Council

Help! We want to plan an event, but have no idea how to pay for it! Where do we start?

  • First, does your club have any money in its fundraising account? If you're not sure, check with the Club Council Treasurer, who should be able to give you an updated balance. Your fundraising account remains in place from year to year, so it's possible you have money there that was not spent in a previous year.
  • Think about fundraising! Your club advisor, umbrella advisor, and fellow club members may be able to come up with some creative ways to raise money for your event.
  • Consider petitioning GSG for money. The petitioning process is explained below.

Who do I talk to about petitioning GSG for funds?

  • Your contact is the Club Council Administrator. Club Council is the branch of Goucher Student Government that manages club funding, as well as chartering and other club needs.  She/he can talk with you about the petitioning process and is the person to whom you should submit your completed petition (PDF). The Club Council Administrator and Treasurer both have mailboxes in OSE, along with other leaders of GSG.

When is the deadline for me to submit my petition (PDF)?

  • Please submit your petitions by Fridays at 3pm to have your petition heard that Sunday night at Club Council meetings.  After your petition is received, the Club Council Administrator will contact you with your assigned time to attend Club Council.

What happens after I submit my petition?

  • The Club Council Administrator will contact you to offer you a time to present your petition to Club Council.
  • Here, you will give a brief overview of your event and details about your funding needs.
  • You should be prepared to answer questions about the nature of your event and the research you've done on the costs of the items you need to purchase.

What does Club Council consider when reviewing a petition?

  • Financial soundness - Your budget shows a reasonable use of GSG funds. Dollar per student ratio is sensible. The GSG general fund is comprised of the student activities fees on the student body ($182/year per student) and is a communal fund.
  • Planning- Your petition exhibits a well thought-out plan for the event and its execution.
  • Necessity- Petition fulfills a need in the Goucher community that is otherwise unmet by current initiatives.

What questions will Club Council ask before deciding on my petition?

  • It depends. They may ask you about alternate sources of funding, the research you did to find the lowest prices, and who your event will serve. You should be ready to present a complete picture of why you need funding.

Are there things that Club Council/GSG will not fund?

  • Yes. Club Council has policies that govern how the general funds should be spent. Please review these policies here.

What if Club Council does not support my petition? Do I have other options for funding?

  • Yes. You can fund-raise or seek support from a Goucher department. You also may want to ask the Club Council Administrator if there are things you can do to strengthen your petition. If you make changes, it's possible that Club Council will reconsider your request.

What if I am granted funds, but decide to spend the money in a different way. Is this OK?

  • No. Club Council will only allow you to spend the funds on the items you requested in your petition. If you decide to make changes, you will need to submit a reallocation request, and Club Council will need to vote as to whether or not they will support these changes.