Fundraising, Selling Tickets & Using the OneCard Reader

How do we reserve space to sell tickets?

  • As with reserving a room for your event, you need to talk with Kathy Hemelt in OSE to reserve a table for selling tickets.

Is there a OneCard reader my club can use to sell tickets?

  • Yes! OSE has a OneCard reader available for club use any other place on campus where a power outlet is available.

How can I reserve the OneCard reader?

  • To reserve the OneCard reader, please contact Kathy Hemelt in OSE.
  • The reader must be reserved in advance and is available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Clubs/organizations may reserve the reader up to 6 times per month, but no more than three consecutive days. A club that has exceeded the reservation limits of that month but wishes to use the OneCard reader for an event may do so if it has not been reserved for that day.

What do I need to do the day that I want to use the OneCard reader?

  • The day of the event, a club must come to the OSE to sign out the reader. The person who signs out the reader is responsible for the proper use and return of it at the end of the day or event.
  • All student groups must keep track of sales during reader use.
  • Sales may only be completed with a buyer's OneCard.
  • The overall total of each day's sales must be reported to an OSE staff member when returning the reader.

Does OSE have a cash box we can use?

  • Yes! Talk with Kathy about borrowing our cash box. Keep in mind that you are responsible for safe storing and management of the money you collect.
  • Also, you might want to get a cash advance from the Controller's office to be able to make change when you sell tickets.

What do I do with the cash raised?

  • Both OSE and the Controller's office have deposit slips you can complete to put cash into your fundraising account. You should take the cash and a completed deposit slip to the Controller's office- they will deposit the money for you and give you a receipt.