Film Screenings

Are there any laws I need to be concerned with if I'm showing a film or movie at my event?

  • YES!! It is very important for you to talk with us if you plan to show a movie or film at your event. No movies or films can be shown in public spaces, including commons rooms, without obtaining film rights.
  • In almost every case, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to show a film on campus. This is true for faculty, staff, and students.

Then how can I share a film as part of my event?

  • Here's the good news...we can help! 
  • Plan to contact the Office of Student Engagement at least 2-3 weeks before you want to show the movie.

Are there ever exceptions to this law?

  • A student may show a lawfully obtained film (i.e.:  movies rented from Netflix or purchased from a store) to a small group of friends in his/her own room. Again, this limited exception does not permit showing videos in house commons rooms or other public spaces.
  • Also, there are occasions when a film distributor may grant you copyright permission to show a (often an educational or political) movie directly.
  • If this is the case, you must provide evidence (typically an email from the film distributor) to Amber for her approval.

So, what do I need to remember when showing a video?

  • Good rule of thumb...If you're advertising it, it's not a private showing.
  • Better rule of thumb...check with Amber if you plan to show a movie.