Accessing Your Club's Money

How do I access money from my club's account to pay an entertainer/speaker/instructor?

  • The best way to pay an entertainer or speaker is with a check.
  • To do this, you need to complete a Check Request Form (available in OSE) and submit it (along with an invoice, contract, W-9, or any other paperwork that shows details of your expenses) to the Club Council Treasurer.  His/her mailbox is in OSE.
  • You need to submit a check request by 9am on Tuesday to have a check cut by the following Thursday.
  • A check can either be mailed directly or you can request to pick it up from the Controllers' Office.

What is a W-9 and why do I need it?

  • A W-9 is a tax form that needs to be completed by the individual you wish to have paid.
  • A W-9 needs to be completed by any company or individual that Goucher has not paid over the past year. If you're not sure if you need one, check with Aisha Rivers in OSE- she can find out for you.

Why do I have to have a contract to pay someone? How do I get a contract?

  • Anytime someone is offering a service for your event (teaching lessons, delivering a speech, providing entertainment), you need to have them complete a contract.
  • A contract helps to legally confirm the agreement you have made with someone. This is an important protection for you, especially if you are paying money in advance.
  • Aisha reviews and signs contracts for clubs (once any questions or issues are resolved).  You must have a signature from Aisha for the contract to be valid.
  • To learn more about the contract process, please visit the "Contracts" section of the OSE website.

What if I need to buy something online?

  • If you need to make an online purchase, a credit card is obviously easier to use.
  • The Club Council Administrator & Treasurer have credit cards that can be used for club purchases. Please contact them directly if your club needs to make an online purchase.

Are there ways for me to get cash to purchase something?

  • Yes. If needed, you can request up to $250 as a cash advance from your club's account.
  • To request this, please complete and return a Cash Advance Form (available in OSE) to the Club Council Treasurer by 9 am on Tuesday. After your request is approved, the signed Cash Advance form will be left in the "pick up" folder in OSE. From there, you can take it to the Controller's Office to access the cash.
  • After making your purchase(s), you MUST return to the Controller's Office with receipts and any leftover cash.
  • Until you reconcile the cash advance, you will not be able to access any further money from your club's account.

What if I bought something with my own money? Can I be reimbursed?

  • Yes. If the amount is less than $100, you can get cash to reimburse you. You must complete a Petty Cash Form (available in OSE) and give it to the Club Council Treasurer by Tuesdays at 9 am for approval (along with your original receipts). After it is signed, it will be returned to the "pick up" folder in OSE and you can take the form and your receipts to the Controller's Office to be reimbursed.
  • If the amount is more than $100, you must complete a Check Request Form (available in OSE). You should submit this form, along with your receipts, to the Club Council Treasurer by 9 am on Tuesdays for approval. Once signed, the form will be submitted to the Controller's Office for you.
  • PLEASE NOTE- any purchases need to fall within the bounds of what you requested in your petition to Club Council, if you are getting reimbursed from your club's general account.

What if I want to hire a Goucher student, faculty, or staff member to do work for my event?

  • Please talk with Aisha Rivers in OSE before you make any commitments here. This process is a little more complicated, but can absolutely be done. Just talk with Aisha first.

How do I pay Campus Safety or a technician for the work they provided at my event?

  • OSE will take care of having that money transferred from your account.