What is the Bias Education & Response Team (BERT)?


The Bias Education and Response Team acts as Goucher’s “first response” team when dealing with reported bias incidents. Working closely with appropriate administrators, students, faculty, committees, organizations, and offices, BERT plays an educational role in fostering inclusive campus climates and supporting targeted individuals when bias and hate incidents occur. The team has broad membership to support and affirm Goucher’s educational mission and commitment toward “an education that prepares students within a broad, humane perspective for a life of inquiry, creativity, and critical and analytical thinking.”*


BERT provides a simple tool for those who have experienced or observed incidents of bias. BERT serves as a hub for:

  • Educating the campus community about the nature and impact of bias;
  • Connecting students to resources for support;
  • Collecting and tracking campus trends pertaining to climate; and
  • Providing recommendations and advocacy towards institutional, cultural, and structural equity for marginalized and oppressed individuals and groups in our community.