Gopher-A-Ride Together

What is Gopher-A-Ride Together?

Gopher-A-Ride Together is an Innovation Grant-funded effort to make carpooling to and from campus safe and convenient for our community.  This program features:

  • Specially designated carpool parking spaces in the Hoffberger, Van Meter, Alumni House, Dorsey Center, and Recreation Center lots;
  • Funds (up to $25 per participant per year) to compensate for an emergency ride home, if needed;
  • An easy-to-use participant registration system that allows interested parties to form their own carpools; and
  • A free window cling and coffee mug to participants in all registered carpools.

Why carpool?

Participating in Gopher-A-Ride is beneficial for you, others in the Goucher community, and even the global community.

  • Save money on gas.
  • Help the economy by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.
  • Relieve crowding in campus parking lots—and become eligible to park in a specially designated carpool spot.
  • Impact the environment in a positive way—reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Gain usable time as a passenger rather than a driver. 
  • Make new friends.
  • Receive a Gopher-A-Ride window cling and coffee mug for registering your carpool.

How does the program work?

  1. View current carpool listings to see if there is a carpool that fits your needs.
  2. If not, Submit your own carpool listing
  3. Participants use this information to contact others and set up carpools.
  4. Register your carpool with the Office of Safety and Security.
  5. When you register, you will receive a coffee mug and window cling that will allow your carpool to use the designated carpool spots.


How do I assemble a successful carpool?

  1. Consider where you’ll meet. Park-and-Ride lots are excellent choices because the lots are generally well-lighted, monitored by law enforcement, and located next to major roads and highways.  For a list of Maryland Park-and-Ride sites, click here.  For a list of Pennsylvania sites, click here.
  2. Indicate flexibility when you consider your days and hours.
  3. Think “outside the box.”  A carpool may not be feasible five days a week.  However, if it is feasible two days a week, that’s one day you don’t have to drive!
  4. Be patient and accommodating. Designate “time windows” for leaving from the meeting spot AND for leaving work.
  5. Communicate!  If the “time window” needs to be adjusted one day, let your fellow carpoolers know in advance!
  6. Use technology. Exchange e-mail, cell phone, and home phone numbers.
  7. Be courteous.  Don’t play music too loudly, eat garlic bagels in the car, etc.
  8. Develop an emergency plan, should a carpool member need to leave early.