Licensing Requirements


When requesting to license a work from The Doris Humphrey Foundation for Dance, please send the following at least 1 year before the performance date: 

A written or email request including:

  1. The name of the work(s) you are interested in licensing (if known)
  2. Information on the company
  3. Description of dancers technical level
  4. Number of male and female dancers in the company
  5. The proposed length of license (per year or more)
  6. Lighting capabilities and size of theatre
  7. Professional or student tech crew
  8. Proposed rehearsal period - approximate number of days per week and hours per day
  9. The performance dates
  10. If performance will use taped or live music

A DVD/videotape of your company in a recent performance. The most helpful recordings illustrate the dancers’ technique and performance abilities. Recordings must include:

  1. The date of performance
  2. Name of choreographer(s)
  3. Title of work(s) 

Note:  If you are not certain about the work you would like to request, the Foundation will be happy to advise and direct you to an appropriate work once submitted materials are reviewed based on the size and make-up of your company. 

The license fees and royalties are based on the organizational structure and budget of each company, school, university or presenter.

All licensed works require a Doris Humphrey Foundation approved regisseur to stage the work and see it through to the premiere.  Regisseurs are contracted separately from the Foundation license.  The Foundation can assist you in determining the most suited repetiteur to stage the work for you.

Please note that there are approximately 23 works that are currently active through the Foundation.  Others have been revived and may be staged with the assistance of the restorers.  Still others are rarely performed but are capable of being staged. Additional works are available for licensing through the Dance Notation Bureau.

Please send information via email to:

Please send DVDs and videos to:

Attn: Elizabeth Ahearn, Administrative Director
Goucher College
Dance Program
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204