Doris Humphrey Foundation for Dance - Mission Statement

The mission of the Doris Humphrey Foundation for Dance is to bring together those individuals and institutions who wish to participate in the regeneration of the Humphrey oeuvre and to actively engage these persons in the power and responsibility of maintaining this tradition through education, workshops, director training and performance.

Doris Humphrey's mission in her own words

"My dance is an art concerned with human values. It upholds only those which make for harmony and opposes all forces for decoration, entertainment, emotional release, or technical display, but primarily it is composed as an expression of American life as I see it today.

I believe that the dancer belongs to his time and place and that only he can express that which passes through or close to his experience. The one indispensable quality in a work of art is a consistent point of view related to the times, and when this is lost and there is substituted for it an aptitude for putting together bits of this and that drawn from extraneous material and dead methods, there can be no integrity.

Since my dance is concerned with immediate human values, my basic technique lies in the natural movements of the body. One cannot express contemporary life without humanizing movement, as distinguished from the dehumanization of the ballet. The modern dancer must come down from the points to the bare foot in order to establish this human relation to gravity.

I wish my dance to reflect some experience of my own in relations to the outside world; to be based on reality illumined by imagination; to be organic rather than synthetic; to call forth a definite reaction from my audience; and to make its contribution to the drama of life."