The Doris Humphrey Collection

On Thursday, February 7, 2008, executive director of the Doris Humphrey Institute and founder of the Doris Humphrey Repertory Dance Company Minos G. Nicolas, and Charles H. Woodford, son of American modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey, signed an agreement to donate their Doris Humphrey memorabilia to Goucher College.

The memorabilia is catalogued and placed in the Doris Humphrey Collection, which is on display and available for research in the Goucher College Library Archives. The collection includes costumes, recordings, sets, light plots, films, videos, original musical scores, and choreographic notes related to Humphrey’s various works.

For information about the Doris Humphrey Collection contact Amanda Woodson: 
Amanda Woodson

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Doris Humphrey Collection, 1902-2008, Part I  

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