Donning of the Kente

During the intimate ceremony, graduating seniors will be donned with a stole of kente, a fabric native to Ghana reserved for special occasions, and acts as a visual history for the wearer’s own cultural ethos.

During the virtual Donning of the Kente, graduates will have their choice of receiving a Kente or Serape stole by mail. During the ceremony, students will have the opportunity to don themselves or have another person (safely) do so.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

A rite of passage, rooted in African tradition, “in which seniors [of color] recognize loved ones or mentors who have been instrumental in their success” (Ross, 2009).

Kimberley Gordy ‘06 "introduced the [Donning of the] Kente Cloth Ceremony to Goucher College" and explains that “the essence of the ceremony is people sharing their stories. It holds a special meaning for Goucher community members of color because of our connection to African history and of the importance of looking back as you look forward (Ross, 2009)." The ceremony also presents the occasion for students to pay homage to those who have paved the way prior to and during their time at Goucher.

Over the years, the ceremony has grown significantly to represent the collective unity of people of color (Black, Asian, Latinx, Native, First Nations, Middle Eastern, Multiracial/Biracial ) at Goucher College as a way to pay tribute to their own unique heritages, experiences, and achievements.

Following all three Affinity Graduation Ceremonies, The Center for Race, Equity, and Identity will host an Affinity Graduation Reception on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 5:00pm.

Donning of the Kente Ceremony May 2022

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