Class of 2020 Commencement Video

On May 22, the Class of 2020 would have been lining up for their big moment—graduation. Instead, our seniors will be relying on that typical Goucher resilience as they adapt to a senior year that looks much different than they could have ever imagined. Although the festivities have been postponed to the fall, we still want to celebrate all their hard work and their graduation day as they officially join the ranks of outstanding Goucher alumnae/i.

We are putting together a special video to share with the community to show the Class of 2020 how #GoucherProud we are of all of them. But we need your help! We are asking our entire community to submit a brief video message celebrating the Class of 2020.


  1. Record a horizontal video on your mobile device or computer of you (you, your spouse, your pet, the whole family!) reciting one of the following scripts:
    • “Hi, I’m [insert name], Class of [insert class year], and [I am/we are] Goucher Proud of the Class of 2020.”
    • “Hi, I’m [name], Class of [class year]. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! You all [insert something great: are amazing, make us proud, are an inspiration].”
    • “Hi, I’m [name], Class of [class year]. Way to Gopher-it, Class of 2020!”
  2. Keep your video to a maximum length of 10 seconds
  3. Be sure to wear your favorite Goucher gear!
  4. Submit your video message using the form below. Be sure to include your name and affiliation to Goucher in the description box.

Don’t miss this chance to support the Class of 2020 and share how #GoucherProud you are. We will do our best to incorporate as many submissions as we can into the final video.

Video Tips

How to make a High Quality Video at home

  1. Choose a location: avoid cluttered backgrounds, images and text that are distracting for the viewer. Consider the available light in the area.
  2. Set up your Camera: Position your phone or camera on a stable platform, like a desk, or stack of sturdy books. Avoid hand holding your camera.
  3. Compose your shot. Set up the camera horizontally at eye-level at a distance where your face, head and shoulders fill the majority of the screen. Center yourself in the middle of the shot. Check to make sure the background is clutter free, and pointy things like plants, and coat racks don’t appear to be growing from your head.
  4. Lighting. Position the light behind and above the camera, so it illuminates your face and the background. A great way of doing this is sitting facing a window in your house. Or using a desktop lamp.
  5. Sound. Do a sound check of your microphone before recording. Speaking loudly and clearly can help onboard microphones in your camera or computer record your voice well from a slight distance. Turn off rotary fans, radios, and other devices that create ambient white noise.
  6. Record your video. Allow for a 3 second pause at the beginning before speaking, and hold for 3 seconds at the end of the video before ending the recording. This padding helps with the editing process.