Paying Student Workers



Proceedures for Paying Student Workers


Submitting Payroll

Submitting Payroll

Student Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the following forms are completed and submitted to Human Resources prior to having the student worker begin. If any of these forms are not completed the student employment position will not be authorized and the student employee will not be paid. 

Student Payroll Authorization

  • In order to begin paying students, the student supervisor must submit the Payroll Authorization Form to the Human Resources Office.
  • This form will list the student employees you hired, indicate the Job ID number, hourly rate, and account number through which they will be paid.
  • Job ID numbers are assigned in the Goucher Recruit System when a job post is approved.
  • For account number information please contact your Division Budget Officer.
  • This form can be found on Inside Goucher.

Form I-9

  • Student employees shall show proof of employment eligibility to the Office of Human Resources, by completing the Form I-9, BEFORE employment can begin. The Form I-9 is used to aid in verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Section 1 of the Form I-9 should be completed no later than the first day of employment. A representative from Human Resources must examine the original document or documents the student employee presents as forms of identification and then fully complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 within the first three days of employment. Documents examined must be originals, not photocopies and must include one document from List A, or one from List B and one from List C. Please view page nine of the Form I-9 (located at to view a complete listing of acceptable documents. Failure to follow the requirements of this policy as stated will result in the termination of employment of the employee as specified and non-payment of any "volunteered" hours. 

Federal and State Tax Forms

  • Student employees shall submit a Form W-4 and MW507 in order to receive payment for hours worked. We strongly recommend that students submit a Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the Payroll Office. These forms are located in the Office of Human Resources. Work Permits All student employees age 17 and under MUST have a valid work permit on file for the State of Maryland BEFORE beginning work. The process is easy, convenient, and can be started prior to the student arriving on campus.



All Student Supervisors MUST:

  • Verify that the student timesheet is complete
  • Sign their student employees' timesheets
  • Submit their student employees' timesheets to the Payroll Office according to the due dates each pay cycle. The Payroll Calendar can be found on Inside Goucher.

All student timesheets MUST include:

  • Department Name
  • Account Number
  • Pay-period Dates

Student Timesheet
Payroll Calendar

Jobs/Hours Limits

Jobs Limits

Students may not work more than 2 regular ongoing jobs at any given time. 

Hours Limits

During the academic year, students may not work more than 20 hours per week among all jobs. 

Student Employment During Breaks

During winter and summer break, students are not permitted to work more than 29 hours per week among all campus jobs.

Pay Scale

Pay Scale

The student pay scale will be determined based on the required duties and qualifications of a specific position. The Career Education Office will make final determination of the level of each position based upon the job description that is submitted. 

Job Classifications

Level 1: Hourly, minimum wage

Level 1 jobs should last for a minimum of 5 weeks during the semester.

Includes all entry-level student jobs that do not require previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills. The duties are not supervisory. These jobs require direct supervision with relatively specific instructions. This job requires minimum and finite on-the-job training.

Examples - Library Service Desk Assistant, ACE- Notetaker, Student Office Assistant

Level 2: Hourly, minimum wage + $2

Level 2 jobs should last for a minimum of 5 weeks during the semester.

Includes positions that require a higher level of responsibility and independence. Positions offer on-the-job training or may require specialized certification and/or credentialing. Students may be responsible for an aspect of a program, and/or supervising other students. Requires previous experience, highly specialized skills and/or on-going training. Job duties may include training, scheduling and supervising other students.

Examples - Library Service Desk Lead Assistant, ACE- Peer Tutor, President's Office Student Manager, Student Leader for Civic Action

Paying International Students

Paying International Students

International students can work the same amount of hours as all other students on campus. 20 hours per week is permitted when school is in session, 29 hours during official school breaks

Career Education Office Disclaimer

The Career Education Office at Goucher College abides by the principles set forth by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and expects that  employers who use the Center's services will not discriminate  on the basis of  race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, sex, age, disability, or genetic information.

All employment listings are posted at the sole discretion of The Career Education Office's Recruitment Team. We reserve the right to reject job postings that appear to be fraudulent or do not support the core values of the College.