Government, International Affairs, Law, & Social Impact (GILS)

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Government, International Affairs, Law & Social Impact


  • Do you enjoy advocating for your community?
  • Do you want to create change through developing legal and public policies?
  • Do you want to solve complex issues in the global world by collaborating with others?
  • Do you enjoy traveling or studying foreign languages and cross-cultural courses?
  • Do you have interest in local, state, or federal government?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...


The GILS community consists of people who are interested in or work in the government, international affairs, law, or social impact industries. Find your professional “home” in GILS to explore industry-specific opportunities and connect with people who share your career interests.

Careers interests in this community include (but are not limited to) representing constituents/citizens, upholding and enforcing laws, leading government and/or international initiatives, conducting research to inform public policies, advocating for more equitable societies, and collaborating with agencies to work toward a common goal.

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