Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Goucher II?

Goucher II is a program for adults age 24 or over who are interested in starting or completing their undergraduate education at Goucher College. Goucher II students take the same challenging classes as other Goucher students, choosing from among the full range of Goucher's 33 majors and 6 interdisciplinary programs. They even enroll in the same study-abroad programs as other Goucher students.

But they also get special consideration. The Goucher II Scholars Award substantially reduces the cost of tuition for any Goucher II student who enrolls part-time. And whether you want to study part-time or full-time, Goucher II will help you make the transition to college-level study with peer support, career counseling, special subject tutoring, workshops, and other programs tailored to your needs as an adult learner.

Through Goucher II, adults participate in a college tradition that for more than a century has been firmly committed to an outstanding undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences. Situated on a beautiful, conveniently located 287-acre campus in Towson, Maryland, Goucher is coeducational and accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Who Are the Goucher II Students?

Goucher II students are a remarkable and diverse group of women and men. Some are married; others are single, widowed or divorced. Many have children. Some have part-time jobs, and a few work full-time. While most of the Goucher II students live within a 50-mile radius of the campus, there are students who also relocated to Baltimore to study in the Goucher II program. Though they come from diverse backgrounds, Goucher II students share high motivation, a strong interest in learning, and a willingness to meet new challenges.

Who Is Eligible for the Goucher II Program?

Prospective students are eligible for Goucher II if they have "independent status" as defined by the Higher Education Act of 1992 (at least 24 years of age, or a veteran, or married, or with legal dependents other than a spouse) and have had a seven-year gap between high school and Goucher matriculation.

What Are the Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree?

To receive a bachelor's degree, Goucher II students fulfill the same requirements as other Goucher undergraduates. Students who have completed at least one full term on a college campus would be exempted from First-Year Seminar classes.

Each candidate for the degree must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit, of which at least 60 credits must be taken at Goucher, and at least 30 credits must be taken in a major field of study. The rest of a student's program is center on the liberal education requirements (LERs), which include writing proficiency, foreign language proficiency, and a study abroad program, and electives.

What Majors Are Available?

Goucher offers 33 majors and six interdisciplinary programs including American Studies, Art, Business Management, Education, English, Environmental Studies, International Business, International Relations, Peace Studies, Psychology, Special Education, and Women's Studies A number of interdisciplinary majors also are available for students whose intellectual interests are not directly addressed by any existing program. View a complete listing of majors, minors, and interdisciplinary programs.

Will My Credits Transfer to Goucher?

The college accepts up to 60 credit hours for courses completed at other accredited two- and four-year institutions in which at least a grade of C was earned. Course credit may be transferred regardless of when the courses were taken, but must be relevant to the Goucher curriculum to be accepted. Students must send official course descriptions and a statement of degree requirements for all courses submitted for transfer credit. Students may transfer up to 8 credits via online courses if the courses were offered in January 2013 or thereafter. If the courses are taken at another college they must be from a regionally accredited, non-profit public or private college or university. All transfer courses must be approved by the Registrar before credit is granted.

Are There Special Services for Goucher II Students?

Goucher II offers resources to help students make the transition to college-level study. These include close peer support, career counseling, mentorships, special subject tutoring, a newsletter, and computer workshops. Goucher II students have access to all college facilities, such as the 280,000-volume Sanford J. Ungar Athenaeum, the Academic Center for Excellence, the Pearlstone Student Center, the Career Education Office, well-equipped laboratories and computer and information technology centers. In addition Goucher II students may take advantage of a wide range of sports and recreation facilities, including tennis courts, a 25-meter pool, and hiking and picnicking areas.

What about Tuition Costs? Is Financial Aid Available?

Although the cost of a private college education is higher than that of public institutions, scholarships and other aid can make Goucher College affordable. One source of financial aid for adults is the Goucher II Scholars Award that reduces substantially the cost of tuition for many students in the program. All Goucher II students who enroll on a part-time basis will automatically receive this award, and no separate financial aid application is necessary. Those Goucher II students who take up to six credits per semester receive a 50% discount per credit hour; students who take between 6.5 and 11.5 credits receive a 25% discount. For more information about tuition, please go to the Goucher College billing website. Those Goucher II students who take at least six credit hours per semester and can demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply for federal aid such as the Pell Grant, work-study and federal loans. For more information about scholarships and financial aid, contact the Goucher College Student Financial Aid Office at 410-337-6141 or go to the financial aid website.

If you plan to use your veterans benefits to help fund your education, you can contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, the VA school certifying official in the financial aid office if you have questions.

How Do I Apply?

For details on application procedures, click here.

Where Do I Get More Information?

To obtain more information about Goucher II, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-GOUCHER (x6100),