Video App FAQ

Where do I submit my application?
When you are ready to submit your Goucher Video Application, visit and create an account to begin completing your application. 

What should I submit as the works from my high school years? 
One piece must be a graded writing assignment of at least a page in length. We're looking for evidence that you can create and defend an idea. But the other piece—you can submit a science fair project, a poem or artistic work, an article you had published in the local newspaper or blog, or another high school work of which you're proud. Anything that showcases your talent.

What file type should I use to upload the works from my high school years?
While many file types are supported, for best results, it is suggested that applicants upload a pdf file.

How do I upload a video to YouTube?
Never fear, Google is here. Once you've logged in to your Google account (or signed up for one here), there are some really handy how-tos for how to upload a video to YouTube. So whether you want to upload your video from your computer, or record directly from you webcam, these links have you covered.

What can I use to edit my video?
We're not worried about fancy fades or special effects because it's your story that matters. But if you need to edit your video for length or cut out that time you sneezed mid-sentence, here are some helpful sites:

  • If you're an Apple user, every Mac comes with iMovie, which should allow you edit your video before you upload it to YouTube or the application.
  • If you are on a PC running Windows, you may already have Windows Movie Maker. If your computer doesn't have it, this easy to use software is available for free download here.
  • There are other programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and many more that can be purchased. But they are not necessary for the purposes of the GVA.

How do I download a video file from my camera to my computer?
If you're using a Mac, click here for Apple Support's detailed how-to page that should help you troubleshoot. If you're on a PC or Windows machine, Microsoft has a detailed how-to page available here.

How can I upload a video from my phone to YouTube?
Whether you're on an Apple or an Android, Google has created great documentation for uploading from a mobile device.

If I upload my video to YouTube, does that mean the whole world can see it?
Not necessarily. YouTube has privacy settings that control who can see any videos you upload. When you upload a video, it is set as "public" by default, but you can change the setting to be "unlisted." Do not set your video to "private", because you will not be able to share the link through the application.

How can I upload a video?
The application offers multiple ways to upload video files. Applicants can choose to upload a file directly from their computer (up to 250 MB) or their Dropbox account, or they can link to a video hosted on YouTube/Vimeo.

How do I upload a video from my smart phone to the application?
If you are attempting to upload a video from your mobile device to application, we suggest uploading the video directly to YouTube or Vimeo and then using the option to link to a video.

How can I upload a video from my webcam to YouTube?
You can find simple instructions here.

How will my video be evaluated?
Videos will not be evaluated on production quality, but rather on the thoughtfulness of the response. Applicants are encouraged to think about their answer and rehearse it before completing their video. For a detailed rubric of the evaluation criteria, please click here.

You say production quality doesn't matter, but is that really true?
Yes. Production quality is not important to us. We should be able to see and hear you, but that is all that we are looking for. We believe there should be greater accessibility to a private liberal arts education, and production quality should not be a barrier. We care more about you and why you want to be a student at Goucher than flashy special effects.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
If you have questions about the Goucher Video App please contact Joseph Shields, admissions counselor, by email (