How to Create Your Goucher Video App

Guidelines for Your Video

  1. Your video should begin with a short clip of you in front of the camera saying, "Hi, my name is [insert name] from [insert hometown and state].
  2. After that, what you choose to say and how you choose to say it is up to you. Simple and unvarnished is fine, but you can be creative. Just make sure you are responding to the prompt below.
  3. Videos will not be evaluated for production quality, but you must limit your video to no more than two minutes.

Video Prompt

We pride ourselves on the wide array of students who call Goucher home. Our students are scientists, dancers, athletes, activists, global citizens, and civic leaders—often all at once.

Tell us about your combination of talents and what makes you different.  Do you think you might change your major multiple times, as our president did? Let us know how you fit into our community of learners, thinkers, and doers. For your video, we want to know: Why do you see yourself flourishing at Goucher?

Works From Your High School Years

First, we need to see a graded writing assignment that is at least a page in length. We want to see how well you can craft and defend an idea. The other work is an opportunity for you to showcase your talents—you can submit a science fair project, an artistic piece or poem, an article published in the local newspaper, or another brilliant work from your high school career. It's up to you.

Have questions?

We're here to help. A great place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions. But if the answers you seek are not found on that page, send us an email. For more questions about the admissions process, please contact Joseph Shields, admissions counselor, at