The Goucher Video Application

At Goucher, we understand that the traditional admissions process—while great for many students—does not showcase everyone’s true talents and abilities. We believe access to higher education should be about potential, not just previous achievement. We still accept the Common Application. But we created the Goucher Video App to provide another opportunity for students to show us what makes them unique, why they would flourish at Goucher, and how they will fit into our community of learners.

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    The Goucher Video App

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    Professor of Political Science Nina Kasinunas on the Goucher Video App

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    Admissions Counselor Christopher Wild on the Goucher Video App

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    Interim Provost Scott Sibley on the Goucher Video App


Application Components

  1. Short video (no more than two minutes) that responds to the prompt below.
  2. Digital Application
  3. Signed statement of academic integrity
  4. Two works from your high school years (one of which must be a graded writing assignment)

Submission Deadline

Work must be submitted by the Non-Binding Early Action deadline

  • Application due by December 1
  • Notification mails on February 1
  • Candidate deposit due May 1

Video Prompt

How do you see yourself flourishing at Goucher?

Think of it as a two-part question. We want to know about your combination of talents and passions, and how you see those talents and passions specifically flourishing at Goucher. Let us know how you fit into our community of learners, thinkers, and doers.

Video Guidelines

  1. Your video should begin with a short clip of you in front of the camera saying, "Hi, my name is [insert name] from [insert hometown and state].
  2. After that, what you choose to say and how you choose to say it is up to you. Simple and unvarnished is fine, but you can be creative.
  3. Videos will be evaluated using the rubric available herePlease read this rubric carefully before submitting your application. Videos will not be evaluated for production quality, but you must limit your video to no more than two minutes.

International Students

We did not include international students in this cycle of the Goucher Video Application as a result of our interpretation of the language in the Code of Federal Regulation Ch. 8 Sec. 214.3(k), which states that students must submit a written application, transcript, and other supporting documents to be issued a Form I-20 for admission to the United States as an international student. At this time, we feel it is in our applicants' best interest to stick with the traditional application process to ensure their success in obtaining a U.S. visa from the consulates abroad through the Department of State. We welcome interested international students to submit a video as a supplement to a traditional application.

Merit Scholarship Consideration

Students wishing to be considered for a merit scholarship will be asked to submit an official high school transcript only after their application has been reviewed and they have been notified of admission.