Video and Periodical Purchases

Video Purchases

Requests to purchase a video to be added to the library's permanent collection are handled by Sharon Hartmann. Please submit your request on the video order form. Since the lag time between our ordering a video item and its arrival at the library can take several weeks, video purchases must be sent one month before the showdate.

Periodical Purchases

The purchase of new periodical titles -- unlike monographs -- engenders long-term funding commitments. Our buying decision is further complicated by the possible availability of electronic formats, some of which perfectly mimic the hard copy version of the publication, others which provide a text-only duplication of the material in that journal.

In some cases, we may already have paid for a multi-journal subscription service that provides an adequate level of access to the periodical that you think we lack. To check the library's subscriptions in both print and electronic formats, please check the Goucher journals list. The staff member to consult regarding possible periodical purchases is our Collection Management Librarian, Barbara Snead (X6366).

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with a periodical order, your first contact person should be Thomasin LaMay, our Periodicals Coordinator (X6031). She can assist by checking on the status of an order; or in the future, provide a response regarding missing issues or volume-binding matters.