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Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners Announced!

Release date: March 27, 2008

The Julia Rogers Library and the Friends of the Goucher College Library are pleased to announce the winners of the Fourth Annual Julia Rogers Research Prizes:

First/Second Year Winner: 

Lisa Jones  Necessity of Violence: A Comparison of the Independence Struggles of Algeria and India   
Written for: ISP 110Y.  Professor: Flo Martin

Honorable Mention:

Anndal Narayanan The Stillborn Revolution: A Comparison of the Campus Takeovers of Columbia and the Sorbonne in 1968
Written for: ISP 110Y Post-Colonial Globalism: Integration and Fragmentation, Assimilation and Resistance. Professor: Flo Martin & John Boughton


Junior/Senior Winner: 

Anna Tonelli   Senegal: A Case Study for Migration
Written for: JHU338 Contemporary African Political Economics. Professor: Sara Berry

Honorable Mention:

Emily Blatter   Chant Down Babylon: The Rastafarian Movement and Its Theodicy for the Suffering
Written for: PCE 299- Independent Study. Professor: Jennifer Bess


Graduate Winner:

Michael Crowley Somewhere That's Green: Environmental Stewardship in Performing Arts Organizations
Written for: AAD651 Major paper. Professor: Ramona Baker

Honorable Mention

David Christian Bielenberg   Changing Hearts: How Gay and Lesbian Choruses Transform Lives and Communities
Written for: AAD651- Major paper. Professor: Jean Brody