As part of a new program, the Library will award $50 to students who are studying abroad to purchase books, CDs of local music, DVDs, etc. from their host country to become part of the Goucher College Library.  Every item that a student purchases will be cataloged and placed in the Library stacks, including a book plate with the student's name and country of travel. 

Book Selection

  • Goucher students who are abroad agree to purchase materials for the Goucher College Library that capture the spirit/essence of the country's geography, history, and/or culture from the local to the national.
  • The materials do not need to be in English.

Purchasing Items

  • If possible, students are to check the Library catalog before purchasing any materials to make sure there is no duplication (we are aware that this may prove impossible for some people).
  • Students should turn in a copy of the purchase receipts with the items when they return to Goucher.
  • All materials should be turned into the Library within 3 weeks of the student's return to campus.

How to Apply