The Friends of the Goucher College Library are alumnae/i, faculty, students, library staff, and others who enjoy a common bond: a passion for communicating the importance of the library within the intellectual setting of Goucher College.

The purpose of the Friends of the Library is to generate goodwill for the library, as well as to promote the role of the library within the college community. The Friends present a variety of programs and events, as well as serve as advocates for the library.

Donations to the Friends provide direct financial support to the library and may be made online at

Notecard sales. The following sets of eight cards may be purchased for $10 each and are available from the Library's Administration Office, located on the fourth floor of the Library. Please contact Jacqueline Cast at (410) 336-6362 for more information.

Notecards featuring the art of Nancy Patz:

Notecards featuring illustrations from the Burke Jane Austen Collection:

Contributions from the Friends allowed the library to purchase the newly-available digital archives of the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Afro-American. Friends gifts also helped equip the library conservation lab in the Athenaeum, and even sponsored the naming of a group study room in the library.  More recently, thanks to Friends' support, the library has been able to add the Early American Imprints database of newspapers, broadsides and other original source materials and the Mango Language Learning system.

The Friends also support the annual Julia Rogers Research Prize, which honors Goucher students for outstanding work using library resources, and the Student International Purchasing Program that provides funds for students studying abroad to purchase materials for the library from their host countries (

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