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Thanks to our Graduating Student Workers!

Release date: May 16, 2012

It has become a Goucher College Library tradition to ask our senior library workers to select an item to purchase in their honor. After the title is purchased, a bookplate is attached to acknowledge the contributions of the graduating senior, becoming a part of the library's collection.

The titles selected by the class of 2013!

Lawanda Cannon's Selection

Lawanda Cannon and her selection, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Chiara Sauter's Selection

Chiara Sauter and her selection, Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self.

Rita Wahdani's Selection

Rita Wahdani and her selection, Helen of Troy.

Gaby Bernal's Selection

 Gaby Bernal and her selection, The Pillars of the Earth.

Hannah Dean's Selection

 Hannah Dean and her selection, Her First American.

Ingrid Murray's Selection

 Ingrid Murray and her selection, Beautiful You: a Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance.

Sam Savin's Selection

Sam Savin and his selection, Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus.

Katie Dehler's Selection

Katie Dehler and her selection, The Madness Vase.

Kevin Rice's Selection

Kevin Rice and his selection, the Ocean's 11 films.

Erin Maxwell's Selection

Erin Maxwell and her selection, Candy.

James Ward's Selection

James Ward's selection, En otras palabras.

Akvilina Petrutis's selection

Akvilina Petrutis's selection, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Bea McQueen's Selection

Bea McQueen's selection, The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

Katherine Sedovic's selection

Katherine Sedovic's selection, Lost Lives, Lost Art: Jewish Collectors, Nazi Art Theft, and the Quest for Justice

Sara Weber's Selection

Sara Weber's selection, My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

Ryan Shreves' Selection

Ryan Shreves' selection, The Information Bomb

Morissa Rothman-Pierce's Selection

Morissa Rothman-Pierce's selection, The Czechoslovak New Wave