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Julia Rogers 2005 Research Prize Winners

Release date: October 13, 2007

The Julia Rogers Library and the Friends of the Goucher College Library are pleased to announce the winners of the 2005 research prizes:

First year/Sophomore. "What's It Going To Be Then, Eh?" An Essay on Music and the Mind ."  
Jaime Bogardy. Recommended  by Ailish Meisner

Junior/Senior. (TIE)

"Emerson: Visions of a Bubble."
Christina Abel. Recommended by Angelo Robinson

"Between History and Narrative: Moroccan Women's Status and Stories"
Anne Bardaglio. Recommended by Seble Dawit

Graduate: Education and Human Capital: The Case of Colegio San Bernardino, Patzun, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.
Diane Russell MEd program. Recommended by Gaye Brown and Tom Rhoades.

Below left: Christina Abel, Jaime Bogardy
Below right: Diane Russell, Anne Bardaglio