The Pocket Anthropologist is a mobile web application designed by Goucher College to

  1. help students have a more immersive international experience by systematically documenting their observations while they are abroad, and
  2. integrate this learning in real-time into Goucher classrooms and curriculum.

Students studying abroad take questions from The Pocket Anthropologist and make observations in four categories:

They upload images or video and post entries about their experiences to The Pocket Anthropologist site. They also comment on other students' entries and respond to comments from the director of The Pocket Anthropologist and select faculty. Students get academic credit for completing this assignment while they are abroad.

Classes on campus also process the findings and experiences posted in The Pocket Anthropologist. In classrooms, students work with faculty to synthesize and analyze what they uncover from the observations and interactions of students abroad. Both faculty and students submit questions to students abroad through The Pocket Anthropologist-in the form of classroom modules, assignments, or research projects.

A set of Frontiers seminar sections, for example, provides students abroad with a series of questions that become part of the Culture Treks they complete. Students abroad make observations and then respond to follow-up questions Goucher classes make via comments on their posts.

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