Applications for these programs are due to the Goucher Office of International Studies by November 7th (winter 2017)  and  March 24th (summer 2017) with a $100 administrative fee.

Students must apply to both OIS and the study abroad program by the posted deadlines. Late applications will be assessed a $50 late fee by OIS.

**Please note that program deadlines for winter 2017 non Goucher applications may be earlier than the November 7th non Goucher deadline.**

The Office of International Studies recognizes that Goucher-sponsored study abroad programs may not meet the individual academic, social, and cultural preferences or needs of all students. With this understanding, Goucher allows students to participate in short-term non-Goucher programs offered through many of our study abroad providers.


Goucher students have previously received transfer credit for the following programs. These programs are not eligible for OIS scholarship or Goucher loans.





Australia La Trobe University  La Trobe University Scholarships
Argentina/Spain Spanish Studies Spanish Studies Scholarships
Denmark Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) DIS Scholarships
Brighton, England University of Sussex University of Sussex Scholarships
London, England University of Roehampton  Roehampton Scholarships
London, England University of Westminister
Norwich, England University of East Anglia  UEA Scholarships
Strasbourg, France IFE Strasbourg Summer Language Institute   
Berlin, Germany FUBiS FUBiS Scholarships
Israel Ben Gurion University Ben Gurion University Scholarships
Israel University of Haifa University of Haifa Scholarships
Arezzo, Italy Accademia dell Arte Accademia dell Arte Scholarships
Florence, Italy SACI SACI Scholarships
Tokyo, Japan International Christian University
Russia ACTR  ACTR Scholarships
Russia Bard Smolny Bard Scholarships
Scotland St. Andrew's University
Scotland University of Glasgow
UK Hansard Scholars Programme 
Various Locations AIFS  AIFS Scholarships
Various Locations CIEE CIEE Scholarships
Various Locations SIT SIT Scholarships
Various Locations USAC USAC Scholarships

Other programs

Students wishing to participate in any other programs must submit a petition to the associate director of OIS. Please contact for the petition, but only after attending Study Abroad 102. The program you choose must be through an institution accredited in the United States or an international institution recognized by the ministry of education in that country. At minimum, programs must be at least three weeks in length and offer three units of academic credit.This is a Goucher College policy governing transfer credit and no exceptions will be made. All courses must be approved by Goucher faculty during the application process. The program dates must not extend into the Goucher academic calendar.

Goucher will generally not approve programs that take place in countries for which a U.S. State Department travel warning or CDC travel health warning has been issued, with the exception of Israel. Students who elect to study in Israel are required to sign a special release and hold harmless agreement. 

In addition, students who have a compelling educational reason to travel to such countries may submit a request for an individual exemption from this policy to the director of OIS. 

Attend an advising session before applying, to ensure the chosen program is approved for Goucher study abroad credit, after attending a Study Abroad 101 session. 

International internships can be approved to satisfy the study abroad requirement.  Students must follow procedures with the CDO and receive approval from OIS after attending their Study Abroad 101 session. 

Students who have concerns about finances should contact an OIS advisor for a private appointment.

Please note that Goucher College does not accept transfer credit from study abroad programs operated by Global Players, Semester at Sea, Forum-Nexus or Beyond Sports . Students may opt to study abroad with these programs but may not earn college credit or satisfy the college study abroad using this credit.

After attending Abroad 101 and Abroad 102 group advising sessions, please contact Ogonna Owu at for online applications or more information on these programs.