Designed to meet the demands of those who have completed two years of college-level Russian or more (including heritage speakers), the Bard-Smolny Program in St. Petersburg offers a rich academic environment for students from North American colleges and universities who wish to study in Russia for a semester or full academic year.

The Bard-Smolny program enables students to advance their language skills through a comprehensive Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program and through direct enrollment in Smolny's academic courses, the majority of which are taught in Russian. Bard-Smolny students have the unique opportunity to sit alongside Russian students in academic courses that meet requirements for their B.A. degree.

The long-standing partnership between St. Petersburg State University and Bard College offers students innumerable opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural exchange. Beyond coursework, students from North American institutions join Russian students in the College's clubs and organizations and engage with the local St. Petersburg community through volunteer and internship opportunities. Students are challenged academically, linguistically, and culturally in our rigorous and rewarding program.