Type of Program: Semester or Academic Year
City: Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladimir
When offered: Summer, Fall, Spring
Cost: See Program Costs page

The ACTR Advanced Russian Language Program is designed "to maximize linguistic and cultural immersion in Russian society, while providing key logistical support and individualized attention to U.S. participants."   Students will be placed in one of three major cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vladimir. Each location carries its own identity. Moscow, the traditional philological center, is a taste of modernity in a cosmopolitan lifestyle akin to New York City. St. Petersburg, the "Venice of the North", boasts a mix of international clientele with an artistic flair found often in Washington, D.C. Vladimir, a quaint ancient town, is also the host site of the Critical Languages Institute and is quintessentially Russian. Trips to the other cities are always available, regardless of where students are placed. Students take an average of 20 hours per week of coursework, while enjoying cultural excursions as well. Peer tutoring, internships, community based learning, and extracurricular activities are designed to introduce students to friends and professional contacts.

Unsure of whether to stay with a host family? Watch this video to hear some students' testimonies about their host families:

A full-time resident director oversees the academic and cultural programs, including local excursions and extended group travel, and assists participants in academic, administrative, and personal matters. Students may live with Russian host families or in university dormitories in Moscow and St. Petersburg; all students in Vladimir live with Russian host families. During the semester, students may participate in unpaid, non-credit bearing internships and volunteer service at local public schools, charities, and international businesses, depending on language level and interests. Students are also offered the chance to meet for two hours per week with peer tutors recruited from their host universities.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Students must have declared a major and have taken any required prerequisites. Students must have completed two years in college-level Russian. Students must have completed at least three semesters of college-level study. Students with a 2.5 or higher GPA are eligible. In order to attend the Russian Honors Program, a GPA of 3.3 is required. Although the successful completion of Russian 248 remains a prerequisite for enrollment in the ACTR Russian Language Program, able students will be authorized to participate upon recommendation of a Russian professor. Since Russian 248 is offered only once a year, this new policy provides greater flexibility for Russian majors and minors. A final language evaluation will give students their official language fluency level for employment and graduate school purposes.

Application and Study Abroad Deposit Deadlines


For Study in Spring 2016

For Study in Fall  or All Year 2015-16

Application and $500 deposit

September 25, 2015

February 26, 2016

Please note that both the application and fee are due in the Office of International Studies. All students must attend an advising session at least one week prior to the deadline in the Office of International Studies to obtain an application.