Type of Program: Intensive Course Abroad
City: Amsterdam, Holland
When Offered: Late May - Early June
Faculty Leaders: Alison Cahen Lohr and April Oettinger

This three-week intensive blends Arts Administration--the business practices of arts and culture--with behind-the-scenes explorations of the performing and visual arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Students attend performances and tour museums and alternative arts spaces not just experienced as an audience member or tourist, but as an active observer to examine how they are professionally managed and presented. Students will learn about the management and funding structures found in the Netherlands and will frequently meet with administrators, cultural leaders, practitioners, and other behind-the-scenes staff. We will also enjoy and explore the rich offerings of our host country's culture, history, and architecture, frequently traveling by bike for the ultimate Dutch experience.

The ICA will take advantage of the month-long Holland Festival in June: "A heady mix of theatre, music, dance, opera, film, and visual arts." In addition to immersing ourselves in Amsterdam, we will visit performing arts companies, museums, and cultural organizations in other Dutch cities--including The Hague and Rotterdam--and explore unique cultural spaces that adaptively reuse architectureand repurposed buildings. Housing is at the Student Hotel of Amsterdam, featuring single-room accommodations with private bath, shared kitchens, on-site restaurant and meal plans, gym, 24-hour security, and lounge and public areas to mingle with a vibrant, international community of students and young professionals. You will be expected to participate fully in all experiences; keep an ongoing, reflective journal; contribute to a group blog; research organizations or topics to lead questions and discussions with administrators; and contribute to our daily class discussion.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

This program is prioritized for Arts Administration Concentration students and students who are Arts Majors or Minors (Art History, Dance, Music, Studio Arts, and Theatre). Applicants to this ICA should have a 3.0 GPA and have demonstrated an academic interest in the arts. Participants are required to take part in a preparatory half-semester course (ART 272Y) which will be held during the last seven weeks of the spring semester. Students should have completed BUS 170 (Introduction to Arts Administration) or be enrolled in BUS 170 for the Spring 2016 semester. The three-week trip plus the seven week preparatory course are offered for a total of 4 credits. Applicants are encouraged to speak with Professor April Oettinger or Alison Lohr before submitting an application. 

Program Costs

The tentative cost of the program is $3500. This fee includes lodging, all local travel, most meals, admissions and experiences, required performance attendance, cultural and historic tours, and emergency assistance insurance. Students will have to pay their travel costs to and from Amsterdam (RT airfare and airport halls ground transportation). 
Note: Information is accurate at the time of publication, but is based on conditions over which Goucher has no control, including rates of exchange, airline fares, student enrollment, and the availability of facilities. Therefore, this information is subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid

All students are eligible to apply for OIS scholarships. There is a scholarship section on the main application form in each program application packet. Students entering Goucher beginning in Fall 2014 may apply for a Goucher Global Grant.