Type of Program: Semester
City: Viterbo, Italy
When Offered: Fall or Spring
Cost: See Program Costs page

This program is ideal for students interested in studying Italian, History, Art or Environmental Studies in a bustling university town in central Italy. Viterbo is a great location to study and practice the Italian language and to experience its rich culture away from English-speaking tourist areas. The city is also rich in historical, artistic and monumental legacies. There is no better setting for art students than Italy. You'll gain firsthand experience of Italian art through participation in course field trips and by visiting the actual works themselves on your own. 

This program offers four diverse academic areas: History, Art, Environmental and Italian Studies. However, the academic courses are only part of the value of the program. Participation in various local field trips, optional field studies, festivals and activities also forms an integral part of the experience.  Dr. Alyssa Nota, a United States native who lives in Italy, oversees both USAC Italy programs. Alyssa holds degrees in Italian, English, and Curriculum and Instruction, including a Ph.D. from Boston College. The Viterbo Resident Director, Stefano Pizzetti, a Torino native fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French, manages the on-site office operations by hiring outstanding faculty and organizing field trips and optional tours. Stefano and his staff will meet the group flight at the airport, provide an on-site orientation, take you to your program housing, provide additional support and resources and oversee your general well-being while you are on the program.

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USAC classes are held at the Università degli Studi della Tuscia. You will have access to campus libraries, computer labs, a sports center, cafeterias (meals are available at two dining commons for about $2.50 each).With over 10,000 local and international students, the university enjoys a close association with Viterbo, giving it a vibrant atmosphere often associated with university towns. The combination of American and Italian professors provides a valuable dual perspective on Italy and its culture. You will have the opportunity to interact with many Italian students in classes and in the university's unique learning environment.

Academic Calendar
Early January - Mid May
Fall: Late August - Mid December

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Students must have declared a major and taken prerequisite courses.  Students must have completed three semesters in college-level residence.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply. 

Application and Study Abroad Deposit Deadlines


For Study in Spring 2016

For Study in Fall 2016

Application and $500 deposit

September 25, 2015

February 26, 2016

Please note that both the application and fee are due in the Office of International Studies. All students must attend an advising session at least one week prior to the deadline in the Office of International Studies to obtain an application.