Italy: Italian Language and Culture

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Type of Program:  Intensive Course Abroad
City:  Sorrento, Italy
When Offered:  May

The Intensive Course Abroad in Italy offers the possibility to learn the Italian language (IT 110, 120, or 130) through the culture of the south of Italy. Students attending this course in Salerno will experience Italian history, art, music, ceramics, and theater in a traditional setting.

Additionally, there will be on-site guided tours in the medieval Salerno center together with beautiful excursions to many destinations in the area:  the charming Amalfi Coast with its pearl Positano; the unforgettable Naples; the rich capital of the Borbon Kingdom; the magic island of Capri; and the famous archeological sites Pompei and Paestum (Greek Temples). The excursions will give students a taste of authentic Italy and will integrate their knowledge to form a broad-based perspective on the interrelationship between the past and present Italy, culturally, socially and historically. In Salerno, students will live with welcoming Italian host families, practising the language and tasting the delicious local food.