Type of Program: Intensive Course Abroad
City: Nazareth, Israel
When Offered: May/June 2016

Faculty Leaders: Zahi Khamis and Flo Martin

Students will be introduced to and analyze films and film movements from all regions of the Arab world, as well as discuss filmic representations of Arab identities in the context of Nazareth and the Middle East. The course includes workshops and master classes by Arab directors, actors and artists, and excursions to historical and film sites. Students will also master rudiments of oral Levantine Arabic, in order to communicate with people around them. Students will then collaborate on short documentaries relating their experiences in Nazareth.

Eligibility, Prerequisites, and Academic Credit:

This program is prioritized for Arts Administration Concentration students and students who are Arts Majors or Minors (Art History, Dance, Music, Studio Arts, and Theatre). Participants are required to takepart in a preparatory half-semester course (ART 272Y /BUS 272Y) which will be held during the last seven weeks of the spring semester. The three-week trip plus the seven week preparatory course are offered for a total of 4.5 credits.

Applicants are encouraged to speak with Professors Zahi Khamis and Flo Martin before submitting an application. Student are required to take part in a 2-credit preparatory course (ARB 272Y/COM 272Y) for the Spring 2016 semester. On-site courses will be 4 credits, for a total of 6 credits.

Program Costs

The tentative cost of the program will be determined. This fee includes: airfare, lodging, some group meals, excursions to Akko, Galilee, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tiberias and other areas around Nazareth, transportation within the host country, master classes by world famous film makers and actors, entrance fees, and insurance.
Note: Information is accurate at the time of publication, but is based on conditions over which Goucher has no control, including rates of exchange, airline fares, student enrollment, and the availability of facilities. Therefore, this information is subject to change without notice.


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