Type of Program: Semester Programs
City: Accra
When offered: Fall or Spring
Cost: See Program Costs page

"Social Transformation and Cultural Expression" examines Ghana's social, economic, and political features. Broad contextual lectures give students the necessary foundation to understand the country as a whole, while location-specific seminars reveal to students the importance of understanding local circumstances. Topic areas considered in southern Ghana range from education and religious traditions unique to Africa, to the impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the role of Queenmothers in Krobo. Thematic seminars in northern Ghana examine topics such as the contrast between Western and traditionally trained midwives to the role of local markets in the global economy.

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The program is based in Ghana's capital, Accra, a cosmopolitan city of nearly 3 million people. Accra is the political and economic heart of Ghana, and home to cutting-edge, forward-thinking visual and performing arts circles. Students attend lectures at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, where they acquire knowledge of the historical factors impacting Ghana's present-day political, economic, social, and artistic processes. Ghana is a country still very much impacted by its colonial history, as evidenced by the country's current institutions. With a particular emphasis on society, transformation, and the arts, students on this program discover the way Ghanaians have negotiated, and continue to negotiate, their history in finding their place in today's increasingly interconnected world.

Students will study abroad in Ghana through the SIT study abroad program.  SIT provides 24/7 onsite student support and services.  

Academic Calendar

Spring: Late January  -  Mid-May
Fall: Late August  -  Mid-December 

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Students must have declared a major and taken prerequisite courses. Students must have completed three semesters in college-level residence.

Application and Study Abroad Deposit Deadline

Please note that both the application and fee are due in the Office of International Studies. All students must attend an advising session at least one week prior to the deadline in the Office of International Studies to obtain an application.