Type of Program: Intensive Course Abroad
City: Berlin, Germany
When Offered: Late May - Mid June

Faculty Leaders: Professors Uta Larkey & Antje Krüger

German 110/272 G is taught in Germany's capital, Berlin. It is one of the most exciting European cities with a rich culture and a unique history. You will have many opportunities for meeting people and lively conversations. In the mornings, you will take language classes at the international language school "Neue Schule." In the afternoons and on weekends, we will explore numerous cultural and historical sites, such as the German parliament and the famous Museum Island. We will also examine Berlin's special status as a divided city during the Cold War and visit remnants of the Wall (East Side Gallery), escape tunnels, etc. Last but not least, guided tours will make us aware of Berlin's alternative urban youth culture and its multicultural population. In order to get a genuine taste of German life and to practice German, all students will stay with host families.

The course fulfills the foreign language requirement and the study abroad requirement.  

Eligibility and Prerequisites for GER 130G:

No prior knowledge of German is necessary. (GPA: 2.5) Students must enroll in a one-credit course, GER 129: Gateway to Berlin that takes place in the second seven weeks of the Spring 2016 semester. Applicants are encouraged to speak with Professor Antje Krüger and Uta Larkey before submitting an application

Program Costs:

The tentative cost for this program is $2700. Cost includes land transportation for the duration of the program, seminars, some meals, lodging, and tickets to museums and cultural sites. Students are responsible for their air transportation.
Note: Information is accurate at the time of publication, but is based on conditions over which Goucher has no control, including rates of exchange, airline fares, student enrollment, and the availability of facilities. Therefore, this information is subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid:

All students are eligible to apply for OIS scholarships.  There is a scholarship section on the main application form in each program application packet. Students entering Goucher beginning in Fall 2014 may apply for a Goucher Global Grant.

(Image by Andre Huppertz)