Type of Program: Semester (this program is not for French majors)
City: Pau, France
When Offered: Fall or Spring
Costs: See Program Costs page

The Pau program offers an amazing opportunity to study the French language intensively, to take courses in other disciplines and to experience student life at a French university. Through formal coursework and personal interaction with the host culture, you will greatly expand your language skills and knowledge of French society. With access to both the Pyrenees Mountains and the Atlantic coast, Pau is the perfect environment if you are looking for immersion into real traditional French culture in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions in France. The city is small enough to have everything within walking or biking distance; however, it is large enough to have several theaters, good movie houses, student clubs, outdoor cafés, and fantastic shops.

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This program offers an intensive language approach that allows you to complete up to one and a half years of university language coursework in one semester. Additional courses in subjects such as literature, political science, film, culture, and art history are taught in English or French depending on the semester. The program also offers a unique opportunity to enroll in integrated courses with other international students studying at the University of Pau. However, the academic courses are only part of the intended value of the program. Participation in a homestay, cultural events, and local festivals also form an integral part of the program.

Academic Calendar
 Spring: January - May
Fall: August - December

Eligibility and Prerequisites 
Students must have declared a major and taken prerequisite courses. Students must have completed three semesters in college-level residence. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply.

Application for Study Abroad and Deposit Deadlines


For Study in Spring 2016

For Study in Fall 2016

Application and $500 deposit

September 25, 2015

February 26, 2016

Please note that both the application and fee are due in the Office of International Studies. All students must attend an advising session at least one week prior to the deadline in the Office of International Studies to obtain an application.