Type of Program:  Intensive Course Abroad
Cities:  Paris, Marseille, and Avignon, France
When Offered: May/June 2017 and alternate years
Faculty Leaders: Professor Mark Ingram and Professor Rebecca Free.

This course is an experiential introduction to the dynamic world of the contemporary French theatre in Avignon, Marseille, and Paris. Students get to know each area through French theatre artists (amateurs, students, and professionals). The course furthers language skills in immersion environments such as home stay families, theatre workshops, and cooking classes. Experienced theatre students profit from direct engagement with French traditions of acting and staging, while beginners discover and develop skills such as vocal projection and characterization. For all students, theatre offers tools for developing conversational ease in French while plays and performances provide a window into contemporary French culture. The capstone project is a Goucher Theatre Department production presented as part of the Department's fall program. Each student's participation is based on the individual's skills and interests, and may include an acting role or a role involving dance, music, costumes, scenery, production or research.

Application and Study Abroad Deposit Deadlines 
Late October: Application deadline
Early December: $500 non-refundable deposit is due
Late February: Final payment due

Eligibility, Prerequisites, and Academic Credit:
Students should either have completed FR 130 (or equivalent proficiency) or be enrolled in FR 130 for spring 2015.  Course credits: 2 for the Spring pre-travel component, 4 for the study abroad, 2 for the fall production. Applicants are encouraged to speak with Professors Mark Ingram and Rebecca Free before submitting an application. See here for information on past programs.

Program Costs:
The tentative cost of the program is $2,850.  This fee includes lodging, meals, transportation within France, seminars, entrance fees, and insurance but does not include airfare. 

Financial Aid:
All students are eligible to apply for OIS scholarships.  There is a scholarship section on the main application form in each program application packet. In addition, all students accepted into the 2015 French Theatre in Paris and Marseille ICA will receive an award from the Evelyn Myers '37 Fund through the Goucher French program. Contact ICA directors for details. Loans are also available to eligible students through the Financial Aid Office in SAS. Students entering Goucher beginning in Fall 2014 may apply for a Goucher Global Grant.

Passport and Visa Information
Students are required to have passports for all Goucher programs. Failure to have a passport will prohibit participation in the program. Please apply for a passport as soon as possible at: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english.html