Type of Program: Intensive Course Abroad
City: Havana, Cuba
When Offered: May/June

Faculty Leaders: David Grossman and Jeanie Murphy

This interdisciplinary course will allow students to gain a better understanding of Cuba's history, culture, politics and economics as well as the changing business environment, as a country in transition from a firmly state-controlled market to a more open system.
A seven-week pre-course at Goucher during the spring semester will introduce students to the economic structures and business models now in place in Cuba in addition to the history of the revolution in that country. This will be followed by a three-week intensive course Cuba in June, during which time students will visit Cuban businesses both large and small, meet with local businessmen and women, and will take part in various cultural excursions and activities.


Eligibility, Prerequisites, and Academic Credit:

Applicants should have sophomore standing and be in good academic standing. Additionally, students should have taken at least BUS 231 and/or LAM 105 or LAM 268. Applicants are encouraged to speak with Professors David Grossman and Jeanie Murphy before submitting an application. 

Program Costs

The tentative cost of the program is $4840-5030. This fee includes lodging, most meals, transportation within Cuba as well as round-trip airfare Miami - Havana, seminars, entrance fees, and insurance but does NOT COVER AIRFARE TO MIAMI.
Note: Information is accurate at the time of publication, but is based on conditions over which Goucher has no control, including rates of exchange, airline fares, student enrollment, and the availability of facilities. Therefore, this information is subject to change without notice.