Type of Program: Intensive Course Abroad
City: Various
When Offered: May/June 2013
Faculty Leaders: Professor Steve Decaroli and Professor Michael Change (from George Mason University)

Finding its roots in Asian philosophy and encompassing many other disciplines, "China: Past, Present, and Future" is a sweeping exploration of China's history and current social and political situation.The journey begins in the classroom during the spring semester prior to departure with "Asian Thought," a required course designed to acquaint you with the foundational texts of China's intellectual traditions and familiarize you with the dramatic social and political changes that have shaped China over its long history.In May, you'll depart for China. You'll start in Shanghai, China's most vibrant commercial center, and take a 50-mile boat trip down the Li River to Guilin, passing the towering limestone formations that have provided a dramatic landscape for poets and painters for centuries. You'll discuss Buddhism while hiking the lush trails of Emei Mountain in Chengdu, see the famous tomb and terracotta warriors of China's first emperor in Xian, and learn about Confucianism in Qufu, where Confucius was born. The trip will conclude with a visit to the Great Wall and to Beijing, the political heart of China and site of the Forbidden City, the Great Hall of the People, Mao's Tomb, and Tiananmen Square. 

Eligibility and Prerequisites

A student of any academic discipline may apply provided s/he holds a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Participants are required to take "Asian Thought" (PHL268/RLG268) in spring 2013, and to take part in a preparatory seven-week course (PHL 272Y), which will be held during the second seven weeks of the spring semester.  The three week ICA plus the seven-week preparatory course are offered for a total of 4 credits. 

Program Costs

The tentative cost of the program is $5,300 (the specific fee will be determined once more logistics have been arranged).  This fee includes round-trip air travel from San Francisco to China, in-country travel, all accomodations, almost all meals, local transportation, pre-departure seminars and orientations, lectures, field trips and emergency assistance insurance.

Financial Aid

All students are eligible to apply for OIS scholarships.  There is a scholarship section on the main application form in each program application packet.  Loans are also available to eligible students through the Financial Aid Office in SAS.