From here, you can go anywhere.

Explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Teach in rural schools in South Africa. Learn and speak foriegn languages in Argentina, China, France, Germany, Jordan or Russia. These are just a few of the possibilities awaiting you via Goucher's study-abroad programs. And we've got something for everyone. We offer more than 60 programs of study on six continents and in 32 countries -- England, Spain, China, Uganda, Argentina, Russia, and so many more.

At Goucher, you will find a wide variety of study abroad programs to choose from.  This list features our Semester and Year-long Programs, Short-Term Programs, and Intensive Courses Abroad (ICAs).

Spanish Studies Abroad in Cordoba Argentina Semester Fall, Spring
La Trobe University Australia Semester Fall, Spring
University of the Sunshine Coast Australia Semester Fall, Spring
University of Wollongong Australia Semester Fall, Spring
French Field Study and Internship  Programs, Brussels (IFE) Belgium Semester Fall, Spring
Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia Semester Fall, Spring
A World of Difference: Marketing in China and Hong Kong China, Hong Kong Intensive (ICA) Summer
China: Past, Present, and Future China Intensive (ICA) Summer
Chengdu, China: Chinese Studies China Semester Fall, Spring
Global-Local Challenges to Sustainability, Monteverde institute Costa Rica Semester Spring
Latin American Studies and Business Management in Cuba Program Cuba Intensive (ICA) Summer
Politics, Culture, and Art Studies Czech Republic Semester Fall, Spring
Danish Institute for Study Abroad Denmark Semester, Short-Term Fall, Spring, Summer
Spanish and Environmental Studies in Ecuador and the Galapagos Ecuador Intensive (ICA) Summer
Hansard Scholars Programme England Semester, Short-Term Fall, Spring, Summer
Oxford University England Year All Year
University of East Anglia England Semester Fall, Spring, Summer
University of Roehampton England Semester Fall, Spring
University of Westminster England Semester Fall, Spring
French Theatre in Paris and Marseille France Intensive (ICA) Summer 2015
Paris Gateway Program France Semester Fall, Spring
IFE- French Field Study and Internship Programs   France Semester Fall, Spring
French and European Studies in Pau France Semester  Fall, Spring
Eberhard Karls Universitat Germany Semester Fall, Spring
German 130G/272G in Berlin Germany Intensive (ICA) Summer 2016
German and European Studies in Lüneburg Germany Semester Fall, Spring
History, Society, and Culture in West Africa Ghana Intensive (ICA) Summer, Winter
University of Ghana Ghana Semester Fall, Spring
The Arts of Amsterdam: Arts Administration and Behind-the-Scenes of the Visual and Performing Arts in Holland Netherlands Intensive (ICA) Summer
Tropical Marine Biology Honduras Intensive (ICA) Winter 2015
Business, Sociology, and Indian Cultural Studies in Bangalore, India India Semester Fall, Spring
Health and Human Rights India Semester Fall
National Identity and the Arts in New Delhi India Semester Fall, Spring
Sustainable Development and Social Change in Jaipur India Semester Fall, Spring
University College Cork Ireland Semester Fall, Spring
Arab Cinemas, Cultures, and Identities in Nazareth Israel Intensive (ICA) Summer
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel Semester Fall, Spring
University of Haifa Israel Semester Fall, Spring
Accademia Dell'Arte Italy Semester Fall, Spring
Siena Program Italy Semester Fall, Spring
Studio Arts Center International (SACI) in Florence  Italy Semester  Fall, Spring 
Torino, Italy: International Business, Art and Italian Studies Italy Semester Fall, Spring
Viterbo, Italy: History, Art, Environmental, and Italian Studies Italy Semester Fall, Spring
Aoyama Gakuin University Japan Semester Fall, Spring
Osaka Program: Japan and East Asian Studies Japan Semester Fall, Spring
Sacred Space, the Forbidden Forest, and Nature's Place in Contemporary Japan Japan Intensive (ICA) Summer
CIEE - Jordan: Language and Culture  Jordan Semester Fall, Spring
Yonsei University Korea Semester Fall, Spring
Migration and Transnational Identity Morocco Semester Fall
International Perspectives on Sexuality & Gender Netherlands Semester Fall
Massey University New Zealand Semester Fall, Spring
University of Oslo Norway Semester Fall, Spring
The Politics of Memory Poland Intensive (ICA) Summer
Russian Language at Bard-Smolny in St. Petersburg Russia Semester  Fall, Spring
Post-Genocide Restoration and Peace Building Rwanda Semester Fall, Spring
Glasgow School of Art Scotland Semester Fall
The Scottish Connection: A Cultural and Artistic Experience Scotland Intensive (ICA) Summer 2014
University of Glasgow Scotland Semester Fall, Spring
University of St. Andrews Scotland Semester Fall, Spring
Civil Society and Social Change in South Africa South Africa Intensive (ICA) Winter 2015
HIV/AIDS, Inequality, and Social Policy in South Africa South Africa Intensive (ICA) Summer
Rural and Township Education in South Africa South Africa Intensive (ICA) Summer
Spanish 130 in Alicante Spain Intensive (ICA) Winter
Spanish Studies, Alicante  Spain Semester, Year Fall, Spring
Taipei National University of The Arts Taiwan Semester Fall
Chiang Mai, Thailand: Southeast Asian Economics, Politics and Culture Studies Thailand  Semester  Fall, Spring
Bahçeşehir University Turkey Semester Fall, Spring
Development Studies in Kampala Uganda Semester Fall, Spring