Students who take mental health or other medicines  should contact ACE American Insurance Company at the 800 number (800-243-6124) at least three months prior to departing to get advice about the availability and legality of prescriptions abroad. For example, a medicine that is easy to refill in the U.S. may require a special form or may only be prescribed at a hospital.

Many drugs are not available abroad. For example, Adderall is not available in the United Kingdom. Adderall and some other prescription medications may even be illegal in some countries (for example: Thailand, China, and some Western European countries), so students could face legal issues when simply traveling with their prescriptions, not knowing they are carrying illegal drugs. Many mental health drugs pose problems abroad and it is always recommended for the student to learn about options prior to leaving. 

For contraceptive medications, the combination of drugs and/or dosages outside of the U.S. may be slightly different and would not be translatable. Students should take an adequate supply of contraceptives with them while abroad.